... a place for detention

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.42.52 AM.png

We've had a couple questions come through regarding the massive hole and dirt mound at the main entrance along Hwy 54. The short answer, it's for detention.... but not the kind that you would think.

All of the disturbed earth that you see at the main campus entrance is to make way for parking. Yes, even the playground area (that paradise where my youngest used to play), will be paved and striped for parking (there's a Joni Mitchell song reference in there). This new parking area will be valuable space for all the new students that will be on campus, in addition to all the folks who show up for any of the TCS home games, Fine Arts presentations, and church or school specials. 

Because of all the paved ground, there will be less space for water to absorb, so there needs to be a place to detain the water that accumulates after the rain... so the detention pond is greatly needed (and required by civil engineers). Unfortunately, the TCS swim team will not be allowed to practice laps here... sorry.

The gravel road that the trucks use to haul loads of dirt across will eventually become the access to the new parking area. There will be two access points, one off the main entrance to campus and another behind the Church Office/Kindergarten and PreK building.

Here's a fun fact: Most, if not all, of the dirt used to level the new parking area, comes from the land that is being cleared for the new high school.

So what's happening behind the green fence?

I'm sure you've driven on the Trinity campus over the last few weeks and have seen all the construction equipment and have wondered "what's going on here?". Is the church building a new sanctuary, is the school putting in a pool, are we starting a farm? And what's up with the playgrounds?

It is our hope that we can answer most of your questions here, but the short answer for now is, our campus is expanding to include a building for our High School. Due to be complete August 2018, our main campus will not only house our church and pre-K through middle school but our high school as well!

Over the next few months, we will be posting regularly on the construction taking place on our campus.

It all starts with a bang! The video above captures one of the blasts that helps clear the rock for the new High School building.