A Good Foundation

After much delay due to the rain, we finally have a foundation for the High School!

When I was a Middle schooler my feet grew first, I always felt like the rest of my body was trying to catch up with my feet. It was an awkward time full of tripping and frustration... my Mom used to tell me, "Every building has to have a good foundation..." and that in time, I would grow into mine.

While there are many parallels that can be made in a spiritual sense, we only need remember the true foundation that we need is Jesus Christ. Upon Him, we build up our lives to become the person God has designed us to be.

While the foundation of our High School building is made of steel and concrete, the foundation of our School is Christ. He is the one that prepares us for Life... Natural, Spiritual, and Eternal. I know the students that will walk these halls will have times of tripping up and certainly moments of awkwardness, but in time they too will grow upon the foundation that is being prepared in their lives.