A Lot, To Be Thankful For

When the parking lot project started it seemed like it would never finish. Holes were dug, land was moved, dirt was piled, and rain would fall. Then like a miracle over the weekend, we had a brand new blacktop parking lot... with parking stripes!

If you were on campus for one of the many TCS end of year programs, you may have had the opportunity to park in the new lot. It's nice to not have to park on the front lawn anymore... perhaps the grass will start growing again.

Below is a little gallery of the progression of the new parking area and the gorgeous landscaping that greets you as you make your way into the main campus entrance.

There will be a lot happening campus during the summer months... stay tuned for all the developments.

If you are a TCS parent who is accustomed to pick up and drop off during the school year, I know you have to be asking "How is this going to affect car line?"

I'm glad you asked!

According to Norm Tapley, TCS Board Vice-Chairman and Chief of Operations, Wilburn Engineering began an on-campus traffic flow study before the closing of the school year, and they had some positive comments to share.

They stated they have done a number of these for schools including Greater Atlanta Christian and none of them moved cars as efficiently and quickly as Trinity is already doing

The approach for Wilburn Engineering is to come up with improvement plans for vehicles and pedestrians, to have us review them, make adjusts, and review again.

We are always working to make traffic flow and safety a priority for our students and guests.