The Annual Fall Festival

Spending time with the body of Christ outside of a regular Sunday service is one of the best ways to Grow Together as a community. Our annual Fall Festival serves as a moment of pause at the beginning of what usually becomes a rather busy season of holidays. Join with us for food and fun, meeting new people, friendly food competition, and enjoying the changing of the seasons in a safe place.


Fun and Games

With inflatables, carnival games, and hay rides around the campus there is plenty of fun to be had for everyone. If you're not in playing perhaps you'd be interested in helping. You can become every kids hero by hosting a game and handing out candy or you can be every parents hero by making sure the kids are staying safe on the inflatables. Click the button below to help.


The Chili Cook-off

Competitive cooking at its friendliest. Whether you like to keep it spicy or make it mild, someone is definitely going to enjoy it. Our panel of blind judging will let their tastebuds discern the top chili. Cash prizes awarded for the top three entries. Are you interested in entering your award winning secret recipe or you want to enter just for fun? Sign up below!


The Dessert Challenge

The sweetest of all food competitions is definitely the dessert challenge. There are no rules and no sub categories, so the real challenge is for the judges to pick the best one. Everyone's a winner because we all get to have a taste. Cash prizes for the top three entries. Register your entry below!