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We get it — we all have very busy lives! Sometimes it may seem impossible to even add one more thing to the to-do list. Yet, although our lives are very full, we never want to become too busy that we forget about the important things, like connecting relationally with others. We believe that we are stronger in life when we do life together!

EVERYONE IN ONE is a challenge for all of us as we head into the fall season to be intentional about making our connection within the church family a priority. We grow together best when we are meeting together, getting to know each other’s story, and helping each other to apply Biblical truths to our everyday life. As a church, our goal is to provide the best opportunities for this to happen — we have such an amazing line-up of leaders and a wide variety of groups. 

So, let’s participate in this challenge together and see life groups as not just something else to do, but a true source of community and spiritual growth.

There is a place for everyone to be in one!

 If you need additional information, please call the church office at 770.252.1020.

These Life Groups will begin September 5 and meet on a regular basis. 

Wherever you are in
your journey of life, there's a place for you.

Fellowship GROUPS

Family Life Group

Sean + Holly Savoy
One Saturday monthly, 6:00 PM  |  Summergrove

Come build deeper relationships with others in the church and share some great food and fellowship with your whole family.  


Family Life Group

Tad + Alysha Salisbury
1st/3rd Sunday, 5:00 PM  |  White Oak - Off Sullivan Road in Newnan.  

Come build deeper relationships with others in the church and share some great food and fellowship with your whole family.  Childcare will be available for $5.00 a family.

Gen Y

Catherine Kent
2nd/4th Sunday, 5:00 PM Meets at various venues  

Gen Y is for adults ages 21 and up.  It is a Life Group that will focus on having fellowship, seeking God and having adventures while building community with one another.



Study of the Gospel of John

Ed + Debbie Brown & Boyd + Karen Collins                      2nd/4th Sunday, 5:30 PM                                                 Home of Ed & Debbie Brown - Sharpsburg

Join us as we share food and study the Gospel of John together.  



Benson Okpara
Sun, 9-10:00 AM  |  Trinity Campus

There will be Spirit-led  prayer on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 AM in Room 402.  This group will be lead by Benson Okpara.



The Great Outdoors

John Steinklauber                              TBA

Explore God and His infinite beauty through nature and the outdoors. This group is for anyone who wants to explore, no experience needed. We will hike, camp, and canoe (possibly raft upon the waters of white), through some of Georgia’s exceptional parks and celebrate the amazing wonders of our Creator.


men's GROUPS

Breakfast Club

Crews Boyd                                                 Thursdays, 8:00 AM | Redneck Gourmet - Newnan

This is a group of guys that meet weekly at Redneck Gourmet Café for breakfast, fellowship, and about one hour of sharing, encouraging, and praying for known needs. 






















Book Club

Lynette Jenkins
Last Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM

We will read a different Christian fiction book each month and the meet at various local restaurants to discuss the book and its impact on our lives.


Lunch with the Girls

Dee Keller
TBA - Time and location

Ladies....come out and meet for lunch a couple times a month at a home or a designated restaurant.  A great time for fellowship!



Compassion Night at Atlanta Dream Center

Frankie Johnson
One Thursday per month, 5:45-9:00 PM  

Join volunteers from the Atlanta Dream Center hit the streets to reach our homeless friends with food, clothing and most importantly, the love of Christ . . we call it COMPASSION NIGHT!



Freedom from Life-Controlling Issues

Deron + Marsha Burdette
Wed, 7:00 PM|  Trinity Campus

We are creating a safe place for people to learn Biblical steps to moving forward in freedom from life-controlling issues including substances, behaviors, and relationships. One of the ways to identify a life-controlling problem (or the start of one) is when a substance, behavior or relationship interferes in an important area of our life (job, school, family, etc.) and we continue to use, practice or relate in the same way. Some of us want to better understand how to help a friend or family member who is trapped by a life-controlling problem, others may be suffering the painful consequences of a loved one’s life-controlling problem, and many of us feel that we have marginalized by the Christian community. Deron and Marsha are looking to create a safe place for people to come and learn Biblical steps to freedom from this life-controlling issues. They use life experiences and the Word of God to help this group continually make steps forward in their own journey.     



Junior High

Sean & Holly Savoy                                                  One Friday monthly TBD, 6:30 PM | Newnan

Join (and make some new) friends as our middle school students meet monthly at the Savoy home to hang out. Pizza will be served. Guys bring drinks, girls bring a snack. Let’s grow together to make a difference!


High School

Drew + Sara Anthony
1st/3rd Sundays, 6:30 PM  |  Newnan

Join (and make some new) friends as REALife meets in homes.  Let’s grow together to make a difference.  Dinner will be served.


Basketball Group: Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Billy Campbell + Anthony Russell
Sundays, 1:30 PM  |  Trinity Gymnasium

This group for ages 12–17 meets weekly for playing basketball in addition to meeting weekly for a Sunday Class at 10:00 AM in Room 402.